• What can Pursuit do for you?

    One on One personal training: From professional athletes to the average Joes, I am here to help bring out the best in YOU. I bring a high energy, challenging and fun workout experience that will be sure to leave you more confident in all aspects of the fitness world.


    Small group Fitness (2-4) Team up with family or friends and crush your workouts together. Maybe it's the motivation of a family member or competition that will spice up the workout, either way lets get to work!  


    In-Home Personal Training: I'll bring the gym to you. For those who don't have time for the gym, insecure in a gym atmosphere, want the convenience of working out at home or just don't want to pay for a gym membership..I'm your guy!! I'll provide the equipment and train you in the comfort of your home. Have a friend join or small group and make it a fun group activity. I can even travel to business locations and can train groups at their employer if the space is available.


    Other ways I can assist you:
    -Strength and conditioning

    -Youth Fitness

    -Fat and weight loss

    -Muscle building

    -Sports specific training for athletes

    -Speed and agility

    -Nutritional tips and tricks

    -Motivation and guidance



  • About Pursuit

    Nicholas Johnson-CPT

    Owner & Trainer


    Trainer Resume:

    -ISSA Certified Fitness Instructor

    (International Sports Science Association)

    -ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist  

    -Personal Training for 9 years

    -Holmen Wrestling Coach for 13 years


    Who trains with Pursuit?

    -Over 500 clients

    -Youth and middle school students 

    -Professional and amateur athletes

    -Holmen High School Football and Wrestling



    -Fitness Instructor

    -Strength and Conditioning

    -H.I.I.T.S & Tabata

    -Boot Camp

    -Core Boot Camp

    -Group Fitness



    Where you can find me:


    *Ironworks Training Center, Holmen*

    Mon-Saturday by appointment

    Strength and conditioning, Youth Fitness

    Pursuit Athlete Advantage 



  • No better wealth than your health

    *Personal Training Pricing*


    (30 minute workout)


    10 for $150




    10 for $260


    (Small Group hour)

    $34 for 2 people

    $45 for 3 people

    $52 for 4 people

    -per session-


    (Online Training Program)

    4 weeks - $96

    6 weeks - $126

    8 weeks - $144

    12 weeks - $180



    In-Home Personal Training

    Single person - $45/session

    Group of 2 - $80/session total

    Group of 3 - $90/session total 

    Buy 10 get one FREE


    Pursuit Group Fitness

    Saturday mornings 8am

    $5/person per class


    • Sessions expire 1 year from purchase
  • Testimonials 

    Jessica Koltermann

    Pursuit Athlete

    "I have been a runner my whole life. I have competed in Cross Country, Track, Half Marathons, and ran “for fun”. That being said, I wanted to change up my routine and add weight lifting. I had no idea where to start and correct weight lifting form was foreign language to me. Nick Johnson at Pursuit Personal Training made weight lifting my new favorite workout. Every single workout is different. He makes sure to keep a positive outlook, add new techniques, and make sure my form is correct. Nick’s constant motivation and leadership pushed me to heights I never thought possible. Whether you are a weight lifting beginner or advanced Nick will make sure you are at your best. I highly recommend Pursuit Personal Training."

    Mark Miller
    Client for 5 years

    "I have been training with Nick for 1 1/2 years. I weighed 186 with body fat at about 30%. Last time I checked I weighed in at 165 with body fat at 19%. May not seem like that big of a deal but I'm 58. Nick could care less how old I am. He pushes me hard and that is what works for me."

    Olivia Beeskau
    Amateur MMA fighter

    "Shout out to a huge part of why I am in the best shape I have ever been in going into this next fight. Nick Johnson with Pursuit Personal Training keeps me going mentally and physically. He keeps things fun and is always coming up with new things that are applicable to my goals. I highly recommend getting ahold of him for any kind of strength and conditioning you are looking for from begginer to beast." 

    (608) 780 7264
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